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JOMO (JOY of Missing Out)

Placencia, Belize
Sunset in Placencia

I learned a new term lately: JOMO (the JOY of missing out). However, we live in a world of FOMO (the FEAR of missing out). There are a pleathora of choices of what to do these days, places to go, careers to have, partners to meet, and the fear of missing out makes the decision almost impossible to make. Social Media has only increased the FOMO because everyone elses life looks better, their partner seems more evolved, their job more meaningful, or higher paying, or more exciting. Someone's vacation looks better than the one I planned. If I settle on this opportunity, I might be missing out on a better opportunity. If I stay with this partner, I might miss out on a better one. But this is the thing, deciding to settle into a job, to pick a partner, or plan a vacation, if you look at it as finding the JOY in that moment, in your decision, and strive to make that decision work for you, then the FOMO will slip away and you will arrive at the JOMO. The JOY of being the best at your job, the JOY of building a relationship with your someone and understanding there is no perfect person, including yourself, and the JOY of being on vacation and loving what you chose instead of thinking you made the wrong decision. The JOMO makes life much more meaningful because you are building the meaning and not looking for meaning elsewhere. So while you're missing out on all those other jobs, those other partners, and the most perfect vacation, you are instead finding JOY in what you have chosen and living the most meaningful life for YOU.

Peace and Joy,


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