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Jane Thompson Hasenmueller, a former English educator and education administrator, as well as a former lobbyist for the New Mexico fellows of the National Writing Project, published her first book, Choosing Happiness After Divorce in 2009 after putting her education career behind her. She went on to become a Certified Health and Integrative Nutrition coach, starting Radical Aging, an information and coaching website.


Writing, however, is her first love, and she has written her debut novel for which she is currently seeking representation. Her novel is the story of two mothers whose sons die tragically. Sadly, two months after Jane finished her novel, her oldest son died. She had a difficult time getting back to work, but with the gentle encouragement of her editor who believes in her novel, she was able to edit her work. 


You can find her when she is not writing, hiking the Sangre de Cristo mountains of Santa Fe, New Mexico, or eating a croissant and drinking wine (not at the same time) in France. 

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Writer; Wonderer; Wanderer

Hiker of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of Santa Fe

Eater of French croissants and pastries 

Drinker of good wine and bourbon 

Reader; Ponderer; Poet

Cooking plant based whole foods 

Lover of beauty and knowledge

A table surrounded by family and friends

Just Jane