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The Grief of Wisdom

The Grief of Wisdom is the story of two mothers whose sons are killed in a terrorist attack. Isobel is the mother of one of the victims, and Marah is the mother of one of the terrorists. Isobel seeks out Marah for answers, but instead finds another mother in grief seeking answers as well. They form an unlikely alliance and friendship, hoping to start a world wide conversation about radical fundamentalism. 

My idea for this book came about five or six years ago when there seemed to be widespread condemnation of Muslims. I sought to write a story that portrays two women of different faiths and cultures sharing the love they have for their sons and their grief. I hope for all people that we can begin to see more of our commonalities than our differences. 

I am currently seeking representation for this novel. Sign up for my blog for my weekly ramblings and notification of publication. Thanks for stopping by. 

Radical Aging

I am a Certified Health and Integrative Nutrition Coach. I have coached clients to lose weight and make lifestyle changes that help them live healthier lives. No matter our age, living our best and healthiest life now gives us a better chance of living healthy to the end. The Standard American Diet (SAD) is leading too many people down the road to diabetes, heart attack, stroke and cancer. Our modern diseases are killing us largely due to the way we eat. While exercise is an important part of being healthy, diet has a far greater impact on your health, than anything else. My website, Radical Aging, is where I share information on how you can change your life for the better. Feel free to check it out:

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