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JANEGOes to Italy

If you can’t take the heat…get outta Belize! April and May are the hottest months and so we’re doing exactly that, escaping to a more temperate climate here in Italy! We arrived yesterday morning and spent the day walking around the Travestere neighborhood where we are staying. An 8 hour time change and only a couple of hours sleep on the plane made me feel a bit like a drunk person, stumbling about, but I managed to remain upright most the day other than that hour nap, or was it two hours? Anyway, we’re here, we’re enjoying the food, the wine, and yes please, to Campari and soda!

Peace and joy,


veggie board in a really cool wine deli


Our fav wine bar…so far

the Pantheon

Random columns in the Jewish quarter

We’ve been to Rome several times so we are not hitting all the normal tourist spots. Went to the Napoleon Museum this morning. It was actually free to see.

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