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JANEGOes Missing…

Oh my friends, I’m so far behind! We’ve been on the go for weeks now and I’ve had little down time to write, or was it too much wine-time to write? Nevertheless, the days have flown by and we have left Italy behind, but still have seventeen days of this journey to go. I’m currently in Sion Switzerland with our friends Sylvie and Raymond enjoying the beautiful mountains and exceptional wines of Valais. I’m also trying to resurrect my very poor French with only a little success, but we’re all managing. The view from their home is breathtaking.

We hiked the Torrent Neuf, a trail carved out against the wall of a very deep canyon, which also crossed the open in places, and believe me, it’s a long long way down!

We hiked through the vineyards to go to lunch one day.

And one night I had the most beautiful vegetarian plate I’ve ever seen and most delicious I’ve eaten.

Isn’t it pretty? Even meat eaters can’t deny how pretty that is, am I right?

Lastly, we took a boat ride in a subterranean lake. Beautiful.

Ahead lies a train to Geneva, where we catch a flight to Madrid. We will spend a couple days there then we train to Seville where I will be attending a writers workshop for a week while Steve is off to Cadiz. We then go back the same way to Geneva and fly home. So, though I may not have the chance to write again before home, I will write all about our travel in Italy when I get there. I do not forget for a minute how fortunate we are to travel this amazing world we live in. And I love being able to share it with you here.

Peace and joy,


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