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Jane Hasenmueller

   Writer; Wonderer; Wanderer   




The Grief of Wisdom

"This is a moving and timely novel about the things that divide us, and the much more important things that unite us. In a world where our suffering and fears have come to polarize us in unprecedented ways, it takes strength and grace to look past the pain and find the common humanity in those who are different from us. The Grief of Wisdom deftly coaxes us out of our own personal bubbles as it explores the poignant relationship between two fiercely loving mothers who find strength, healing, and renewed purpose in their vulnerability and in each other. This is a hopeful and compelling story that I know is challenging me to find common ground at a time when it seems like all we can see are our differences."

"The Grief of Wisdom was a very engaging and soulful read. The death of two mothers’ children at the same tragic event and the unlikely relationship that develops between the two gives the reader a perspective of the grief and effect the loss of a child has no matter the circumstance. The book not only focused on the impact on the mothers but also on other family members and the communities. It was difficult to put the book down and brought me to tears on multiple occasions together with feelings of anger and empathy."

"I never write a review, but this is an incredible book. It is so well written! I became so consumed with the characters. This author can’t be praised enough!!!!!"


Jane Hasenmueller is the author of the upcoming The Grief of WisdomShe writes fiction with a unique perspective on current issues.

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